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In Gardia Planters we offer diversity in fiberglass planters for indoors and outdoors with more than 180 fiberglass planters with 20 different colors. Each planter is handmade and verified before shipping to ensure the best quality. In our catalog we offer great variety of fiberglass planters including bowl planters, round planters, square planters, cubic planters, rectangle planters, box planters, tall planters, short planters, planters for trees and many more. If you have a design or a specific color, contact us, we work on custom made models too.

We offer seasonal discounts from time to time, we make custom made planters for our clients and we offer special discount to distributors, decorators or contractors, Click HERE if interested.

We also offer free shipping to all 48 states (excluding Alaska & Hawaii), currently we do not ship the fiberglass planters outside the US. if interested in our shipping times and procedures, click HERE.

If you have any other projects that can be made in fiberglass, contact us, we have over 20 years of experience handling fiberglass and we have made from fiberglass sinks to fiberglass beams, let us know your project so we can make your idea come true.

Thank you for your preference.

Gardia Planters Team